Experiencing the Counsel of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is often the most mysterious part of the Trinity. While we may feel close to God the Father and understand the sacrifice of Jesus, the Holy Spirit can seem distant or abstract. However, the Holy Spirit plays a vital role in counseling and guiding us, especially during difficult times of decision-making.

In a recent sermon, Pastor Mike spoke about how we can experience the Holy Spirit’s counsel in our lives. He focused on four key actions:

Keep Asking

First, we need to ask the Holy Spirit for guidance. This means moving past just worrying or stressing about issues, and coming to God in prayer and supplication. Ask the Spirit to reveal the next right step. Be honest about your struggles and uncertainties. Tell God you are open to unexpected answers.

Keep Listening

Prayer is a two-way street. After asking for guidance, carve out quiet spaces to listen to what the Spirit may be prompting. Be comfortable with silence, as that is often when we best sense the “still, small voice” of God.

Keep Surrendering

Do not be surprised if the guidance you receive from the Spirit challenges your assumptions or goes against what you wanted to hear. Be willing to surrender your own will and agenda. God’s kindness leads us to repentance.

Keep Correcting

Growth takes time. Hearing from the Spirit once will not automatically change your life or perspective. We must continually realign ourselves to God’s guidance, activating and applying it repeatedly. Allow the Word to transform you.

By continually asking, listening, surrendering and correcting based on the Spirit’s counsel, we can receive supernatural wisdom and make the best decisions, even during uncertain times. Though life is complex, we do not have to figure it out alone. The Holy Spirit wants to walk with us in the valleys and mountaintops. Are you ready to deepen your relationship with Him?

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