Fervent Beginnings

Where children get a passionate start to education. We believe in developing the whole child by providing them with the support and resources they need to grow into engaged, inquisitive, and independent learners. Through differentiated instruction, we ensure that all children learn how to approach new social, academic, and emotional challenges with confidence.

Teacher-Led Instruction PODs

With all public schools employing some degree of remote learning program, there is a need for safe, affordable places where parents can take their children to complete their remote learning. To meet that need, we have created teacher-led instruction PODs, which will be remote “classes” of no more than six students. Each POD will be supported and supervised by one of our qualified teachers who will help them with their remote curriculum. Our goal for these PODs is to give our parents a break and help ensure all children are getting the most out of this unprecedented virtual learning environment.

Our Preschool



Our two-year-old differentiated learning program teaches vital social, intellectual, and emotional skills through role playing activities, guided play, and small groups that are focused on developing new skills.



Our three-year-old program engages and nurtures your child through hands-on, independent, and differential learning while fostering social awareness, critical thinking, and decision making.



Our four-year-old program focuses on preparing your child for academic, social, and emotional success in Kindergarten by engaging them in skill-based lessons, one-on-one teaching, and active learning centers every day.


Blended Class - Kindergarten/1st Grade

Our unique blended kindergarten/1st grade program provides your child with a robust, differentiated, learning experience. We believe students at these ages will benefit more socially and academically from a 5-day in-person program than they will a hybrid, or all-remote program. In our blended class, each student is challenged and encouraged to develop in multiple learning environments at a pace that best suits them. Each day, they will experience one-on-one instruction, small group instruction, and center-based activities. We provide a safe and nurturing environment that facilitates social growth while establishing a firm academic foundation that will give them a head-start in elementary school, and beyond.

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Want to see our facility and talk with our Director? We are available to give physical and virtual tours to accommodate your time constraints and COVID-19 comfort level. Let us show you the environment we have created to protect and nurture your children.

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